About Canmore Runner

On the slopes of EEOR – Photo: Ms Canmore Runner

Canmore Runner is a forty-something, middle of the pack trail runner who is lucky enough to run on the stunning and varied trails of Canmore, the Bow Valley and beyond. This blog is dedicated to showcasing those trails and, overtime, to becoming a resource for trail runners living in, or visiting, Canmore and the surrounding area.

Trail runs profiled on the blog are presented in the table below. Click on the name of the run and the corresponding blog post will open.

Trail running routes profiled on Canmore Runner 

Route Distance (KM) Elevation (M)
Tunnel Mountain (OAB*) 4.4 250
Stoney Squaw Loop 4.5 393
East End of Rundle (OAB) 5.5 899
Ha Ling (OAB) 6 590
Highline 6.5 263
Bow River Loop 8 22
Lady Mac (OAB to helipad) 8 1000
Montane Traverse 10 278
High Rockies Trail (OAB from Goat Creek) 10 339
High Rockies Trail (OAB from Buller Mountain) 10 590
Tent Ridge Loop 10 879
Yamnuska Loop 10 994
Heart Mountain Loop 10 1000
Lady Mac (OAB to the summit) 10 1260
Grotto Mountain (OAB) 10 1429
Cory-Edith Pass Loop 12.5 1100
Prairie View-Jewell Pass Loop 16 980
Sulphur Mountain Loop from Cave and Basin 17 1250
Lake Minnewanka (OAB) 18 797
Powerline-Loki-Highline 18.5 600
Mount Bourgeau (OAB) 24 1500
High Rockies Trail (OAB from Three Sisters Reservoir) 24 1395

But there’s more to the site than trail running routes. There are also posts about Canmore, running with wildlife, winter running, race reviews, training and more. Check back often!

Canmore Runner can be contacted by leaving a comment on the blog or at: canmorerunner@gmail.com

Disclaimer! Trail running can be a dangerous sport. Conditions in the mountains and on the trails can change rapidly and may be different than described on this blog. While Canmore Runner has done everything possible to present thorough information, its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Maps are provided for reference only and should not be used to substitute for more detailed topographic maps. Always be self-sufficient and prepared to deal with changing conditions and emergencies, as well as the possibility of a wildlife encounter. The Bow Valley is bear country and it’s advised to always carry bear spray, make lots of noise and respect wildlife closures.

2 thoughts on “About Canmore Runner

  1. Dustin 07/09/2016 / 19:32

    I’m coming up to Canmore Alberta from Vancouver and I’m hoping to do some trail running. Could you suggest a few of your favorite routes? Thinking mount Borgeau as a definite choice.



    Instagram: @dustinjh


    • Canmore Runner 10/09/2016 / 02:40

      Hi Dustin, thanks for getting in touch. Mount Bourgeau would defintely be high on the list. In the same area, Cory-Edith is awesome and about half the distance of Mount B but some amazing trails. At the other (Canmore) end of the valley, the Yamnuska Loop and Heart Mountain Loop are fantastic challenges with great views. All these routes are profiled on the blog. Deeper into K-Country, the 10km Tent Ridge would be an absolute must. I haven’t put up a profile on that yet but will do in the next week of two. Have a great time and remember your bear spray.


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