An Open Letter to the Editor of Trail Runner Magazine

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Dear Michael,

At the outset, let me say how much I enjoy Trail Runner magazine. It truly stands out in terms of the consistent quality of the writing, the wonderful photos, and the great variety of articles covering all aspects of the sport. Every edition offers new insights and new inspiration to get out and hit the trails.


Like many others I suspect (well, I know, having visited your Facebook page), i’m baffled and dismayed that you’d publish Jenn Shelton’s article “A Grand Odyssey” that details her run in the Grand Canyon with Connie Gardner and Lance Armstrong. Unless it was your intention to court controversy, I really don’t understand why a magazine like Trail Runner would devote column inches to Armstrong; to someone who is, by all accounts including his own, a cheat, a liar and a bully who has shown little remorse for his actions. On the contrary, he’s said he’d probably do it all again.

Over the years, your magazine has included some truly inspirational articles about people who have found salvation through trail running, who have used the sport to overcome adversity and tremendous personal challenges and who have turned their lives around.

But none of that applies to Armstrong. According to Shelton, trail running is the only sport that will allow Armstrong to compete because of the absence of any governing body that could issue a ban. He’s not in it for some form of redemption. He’s not in it to turn his life around and make amends of sorts. Until such a time as he is, I really don’t see how Armstrong’s involvement in trail running makes an interesting or compelling story. It’s certainly not one that should grace the pages of such a great publication as Trail Runner.

Yours faithfully,

Canmore Runner

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